Improving Yammer Polls - Mobile and clients such as Outlook\Skype, multi option select

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Yammer is a great location to capture user feedback through survery polls. Polls could be more efficient by including more features, such as poll details, option to select multipe options in polls, polling through clients like Outlook or Skype to capture audience input in meetings, emails..This could potentially lead to replacing tools like SurveryMonkey

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Hi Shiva,


We are working on bringing polls to mobile - iOS recently rolled out, and we will be bringing polls to Android as well.


Thanks for your suggestions in terms of more features for polls. Increasing the feature set for polls is currently not on our roadmap - mostly since we have many other features to work on, e.g., around stronger integration with the Office 365 suite. However, for any feature suggestions feel free to raise them on, so other users can comment on vote on them. The Yammer Product Team regularly reviews suggestions and uses those to prioritize what we will work on next.

Would it be more useful for poll data to be anonymous or not? Should it be exportable? What would be helpful? Agree that there is opportunity for more integration with the rest of Office 365.
It's a fine balance between being able to quickly get feedback from your colleagues and getting in to more detailed analysis. I think beyond 1 question, there is much better tools out there than a Yammer poll. Trick will be allowing people to share and respond to those 3rd party polls and let them get 'viral adoption' in Yammer.

Anonymous for who did not post the poll. As someone who posted the poll , i do want to know who voted on what and be able to get in touch with specific groups if i need to.