Groups Use: Outlook vs. Yammer


I understand that Groups are to be used either with Outlook or with Yammer. Organizations have to opt for one approach or the other. If that's so, why is this an either/or scenario? Why can't Groups work across both Outlook and Yammer for organizations? 

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Organizations can use both Outlook and Yammer, but Groups choose Outlook or Yammer for their conversations so as not to fragment conversations across different apps.
Outlook conversations can still fork by removing participants from the recipient fields. Yammer conversations are kept together. Yammer "recipients" are simply those people who have replied or being at mentioned and therefore are followers of the conversation.
On another note, I miss the fuller Yammer email notifications with the whole message content. I believe these helped bridge the gap better than the teaser emails we get now.
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As the others above note, the addressing concept is wholly different.  Outlook Groups is like mail / email - you address recipients and send the message, and each reply can be re-addressed.  Yammer is more like messages on the wall:  available to any who come to read them.  There's no clean way to bridge that divide.  The addressing concept has to be defined at the time of content creation.  The person creating the post / message has the right to know who the audience is, and to change that audience after the content is created is kind of a violation of trust.  That's part of why all these decisions have to be made in the beginning of the collaboration cycle.