Do you have a timesheet about Yammer and Office 365 Groups?


I would like to know, when all of us can use Yammer with Office 365 Group features in our "old" Yammer tenants.

Can you tell us something about the Future?

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Not sure what you you mean by "old" Yammer tenants. Could you please clarify? But we will be backfilling/connecting legacy Yammer groups in our next phase of this Office 365 Groups integration project. Can't say a specific timeline about when that will happen, but work is started now.
We're working on backfilling existing groups for networks currently eligible for groups over the next few months, and will address more complex networks and groups to follow.
@SteveNguyen Example. We have a company with hundrets of Yammer Groups and for exampe six Yammer tenants under the main Yammer Tenant connected to three multitenant Office 365 tenants. In this Yammer architecture we have Yammer Groups with out Office 365 Group Features (my "old" ones) and a lot of files and conversations. Do you have a plan to migrate this automatic or do we have the new Office 365 Group Features only for new Groups in the same Yammer Tenant or do they have to create a new Yammer network? #Migration #Change to the Office 365 Groups support

Are you asking what the general plan is for when they enable this for multiple domain tenants?  Currently it's only configured for single network tenants.

Our goal is to have all Yammer groups connected to Office 365 Groups. That said, accomplishing will take awhile for 1:many tenant setups like what you describe. So it's something we want to do, but will be some time away.
Your situation sounds like 1 tenant mapped to multiple networks. This is on the longer term roadmap, but we don't have an ETA for this support. If you don't have a business need to have separate networks, we recommend merging your networks so that there's a single network for a single tenant.
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