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We recently moved from VMware Socialcast to Yammer. Many employees are complaining that they cannot cross share a message with multiple groups.

In Yammer a message can only belong to one group and you have to re-share the message to make it appear in other groups which means that you have potentially multiple discussions on the same topic.

My question is: are there any plans to solve this challenge for end users? How can we create one single thread that can basically appear in multiple groups so you have a single focused discussion instead of similar discussions in multiple groups. This also truly contributed to connecting with new people in your outer loop.
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@DennisAgusi full support! @mentioning of posts between groups is highly missed.
Hopefully we will get a date by the Yammer Product Team!

@DennisAgusi Just personally speaking, I've had this desire for Yammer as well. Just curious, in SocialCast did it ever feel spammy?

No... There were some people overusing it but we simply told them to be careful with over using this. I can share the survey results where we aks people to rate the transition from socialcast to yammer. And this was the main pain point shared.

Good to hear that you are at least looking at this :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Agree, this has also been a frustration in any app which uses O365 or AD groups. At the very least, users should have the ability to "share" or "rebroadcast" content to other groups to which the users is a member

We use the current 'Share' functionally to have content seen between groups, but do get asked occasionally how to post the same message in different groups at once. There may be an easier way to display this content based on membership so it doesn't feel spammy. Depending on the company culture, a content push to different groups will get out of control and be an alternative for email (one-way megaphone comms).
How did replies show up for those messages posted in different groups? Were the replies mirrored across the groups or were the replies separate for each group?

Mirrored across the different groups. That is the power of this concept. One single dialogue around that topic. 

Hello @Steve Nguyen ,
yes it felt totally spammy to a lot of our users then at Socialcast times! Reason was that the posters very often did not figure out if the other communities they wanted to share a post to were really interested in the content. Socialcast was too often used as a mere broadcasting tool: posts were shared just in order to increase reach - no matter whether sharing made sense or not.
If then there is poor community management, meaning that the community manager does not move or delete such off-topic posts from their communities, people simply feel spammend - users felt that there was way too much information to be handled. This, In the end, they shied away. 
So, a very tricky thing.

We used to have the single post in multiple groups functionality in NewsGator. Honestly is was one of the biggest problems with that tool. Team members would just repost too many items too widely. It gave them a 'out' so that didn't have to think about who there message was intended to go to. If everything is posted to everyone, people will ignore all of it.