Bring back the Yammer Home Network Masthead

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This is the single most important screen real-estate and you took it away. Feel free to use the space the lovely RED BANNER consumes across our screens. Why not insert it like we do for external networks? Why do we not have control over our user experience in our home network? Workaround: upload your masthead, and your users get a sneak peak. Not ideal but a daily reminder of what we're missing. The masthead give a network personality, it aligns with our culture, it's the best way to share a message around the world, and you can link it to your corporate calendar. We lost all that when we integrated Yammer into O365.
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I miss this too. I'm testing the Yammer Desktop app now - and it's completely missing for ALL networks (home or external) so I find it very hard to know where I am sometimes. Plus, I miss having the real estate.


hi Lee - thanks for the feedback. May be you already know - but you can customize the O365 banner https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Customize-the-Office-365-theme-for-your-organization-8275da.... As Yammer becomes part of O365, a single company identity across all the O365 apps provides continuity as users use different parts of O365 throughout their work day. Of course, any further inputs welcome!

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