Are you working on "hiding" the names of people in the private conversations left hand nav?

Amy Dolzine

So, for those of us who demo our screens often - doing screen shots or taking video demos, it isn't always great to show the names of the people on the left hand nav with whom you're having private conversations. It would be great if we could "mask" them or hide them in some way. Are you working on that?

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I'd love to clear these out too.


From a screenshot perspective, with these appearing at the bottom of the left pane it is easy to crop that out. Doesn't work for live demos though....


Hi Amy - I think we talked about this when you were here for the MVP summit. I understand the situation, but as u know, this applies when you are taking screenshots of say, Outlook. For webcasts or screen sharing scenarios - I typically use something simple, create a OneNote note to hide the area. It also comes in handy to take any notes live from the meeting. 

As an aside, we are making some tweaks to the private messaging experience which u should see rolling out soon: -We saw that users weren't noticing updates to their private messages. We are addressing it by showing an animation in the private message section with the profile pic of the sender (we show a similar animation in the groups section). -We saw that users were distracted by very-old conversations showing up in the left nav. We are addressing it by limiting it to the last month -We saw group creation decline because we removed the text link 'create a group' with a subtle + sign. We are fixing that. Stay tuned, and keep the feedback coming!

When I'm doing a full screen video recording or live demo of other features - to demonstrate how things work, there's no way to hide that panel. A little + sign or ^ to drop down the names of the people in your private conversations would go a long way.


@Amy Dolzine I've started to tweak the UI with some CSS on my own when doing such demos. Using a little Webbrowser extension which can be used to apply client-side CSS without much effort. One of those extensions for Chromium or Vivaldi Webbrowser is called "Stylus". Ping me via PM if you need a hand.


That sounds great. Not something I'd be able to take advantage of, but I bet others who have more control over their computers would! Thanks for offering it. I'd prefer if Yammer would do it for me. :)

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