Ability to hide Edit history of a post


Hi Team,


Will we be able to hide Edit History of the post in the future? Opened a Uservoice here


Understand that its needed in the majority of cases for transparency reasons. Some TC Members have asked for this recently.


Best, Chris

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@Christopher Hoard We've found that the majority of cases warrant the need to display the Edit history. This isn't something that we have on our radar at this time.


@Steve Nguyen 


Agree, our security teams would go ballistic without a full audit trail on all content.


@Steve Nguyen I agreed, declaring an edit is a good feature. The feature to add would be showing when a post had been deleted. This would be to ensure the thread isn't left with a misleading flow.

Thanks Steve, appreciate that.

Apologies to @Kevin Crossman too - even though I agree with this (and you previously) out of sheer curiosity I had to go ahead and ask given the TC post the other day!

Thanks again guys

Best, Chris