Workplace Analytics for CSP Partners and Small Businesses

Christopher Hoard

Hi @Nathan Barnett 


Hope you are well. I have done some searching and pieced together what you need to have Workplace Analytics - I may be entirely wrong about this but my understanding is -


Just to ask the following questions


1.) Is Workplace Analytics coming to CSP in the future?

2.) Will it be available within any 365 plans in the future?


We are seeing a lot of interest in this from our partners so would be good to understand if it will be here at some point, and if so if that is sooner rather than later!


Thanks a lot for your time


Best, Chris

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Hi @Christopher Hoard- Great questions. My understanding is that CSP is a channel that our partner team is investigating and hopes to enable (timing TBD). There is no seat size limit, but customers do need an Enterprise Agreement (which effectively implements a minimum seat size) to purchase licenses. For now, the plan is to continue offering WpA as an add-on for enterprise SKUs (with discount for E5 customers). Of course, that may change as the product and GTM model evolves. Let me know if I can help answer anything else.




Thanks Nate appreciated!

Best, Chris



So, can you purchase Workspace licenses through CSP?


Thank you

@Nathan Barnett 

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