Workplace Analytics for CSP Partners and Small Businesses


Hi @Nathan Barnett 


Hope you are well. I have done some searching and pieced together what you need to have Workplace Analytics - I may be entirely wrong about this but my understanding is -


Just to ask the following questions


1.) Is Workplace Analytics coming to CSP in the future?

2.) Will it be available within any 365 plans in the future?


We are seeing a lot of interest in this from our partners so would be good to understand if it will be here at some point, and if so if that is sooner rather than later!


Thanks a lot for your time


Best, Chris

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Hi @Christopher Hoard- Great questions. My understanding is that CSP is a channel that our partner team is investigating and hopes to enable (timing TBD). There is no seat size limit, but customers do need an Enterprise Agreement (which effectively implements a minimum seat size) to purchase licenses. For now, the plan is to continue offering WpA as an add-on for enterprise SKUs (with discount for E5 customers). Of course, that may change as the product and GTM model evolves. Let me know if I can help answer anything else.




Thanks Nate appreciated!

Best, Chris



So, can you purchase Workspace licenses through CSP?


Thank you

@Nathan Barnett 

Any updates on this?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Can we please update the information with the following answers?


Thank you!


  • Only available to tenants over 1000 users (down from 3000, and previous to that 5000)
    • not correct - there is no minimum to purchase WpA
  • Only available through an Enterprise Agreement
    • not correct - customers can purchase through Web Direct, if desired
  • Only available as an add on to Enterprise Plans (E1/E3/E5), not included in the plans themselves
    • Correct
  • Tenant must have Exchange Online (per article
    • Correct

Just to ask the following questions


1.) Is Workplace Analytics coming to CSP in the future?

 - Not in the foreseeable future

2.) Will it be available within any 365 plans in the future?

- Which plans specifically?

Thanks, appreciated.

It is a bit of a disappointment that it isn't in CSP yet, since at Ignite it was noted in the Keynote that 65% of transactions were by CSP partners. I would have expected - since I asked the question above over a year ago, that we would have seen it by now.

This could be a quick win for you guys if you enabled it in CSP and now there isn't a seat limit

Best, Chris

Hi @dagrossi and/or @Christopher Hoard


You say "customers can purchase through Web Direct, if desired"


is this possible for all customers (or only large enterprises) and where and how is this possible? Do you have a link where you can just order it?




Hi @LarsWrede,

Thanks for your note! The Web Direct option is not available through an external link, rather through your account team. Do you have an account manager or specialist with whom you are already working?



According to Microsoft's own documentation an EA license is required for Workplace Analytics.  If it is your experience that there is a work around, I'd be interested to hear it.  Our account rep says there isn't.


Per MS site -

Licensing checklist

With the proper licensing, your company can acquire Workplace Analytics as an add-in to its licensing agreement. To be able to purchase Workplace Analytics licenses, your company needs the following:


 An Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft


 An Office 365 or Microsoft 365 product that contains either Exchange Online Plan 1 or Exchange Online Plan

@Pam Parker 


Hi there - we have had several customers purchase via Web Direct. Of those Web Direct purchases, some were on an EA, some were not. So, it is technically possible to purchase via Web Direct and not be on an EA.




Hi @dagrossi 


We do not work with an account team. We just want to find out how to buy Workplace Analytics for small businesses as we do not work with Enterprise customers. So what is the criteria to buy through Web-direct (if you are not eligble for either EA or to have an account manager within Microsoft). Does the business-size matter?






Hi Lars,

For statistical relevance of the data, we recommend that you have at least 100 mailboxes you want to analyze (i.e. 100 licenses). Please reach out to my colleague Derek Dezso to help you purchase via Web Direct.

Any news yet of Workplace Analytics being available to CSP customers? Really want this functionality.