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Hello Workplace Analytics community! We want to partner with you to create an exciting new analytics category that will revolutionize the way people work and transform the way companies are managed. July 5th, WpA launch day, is just the beginning of a transformational journey and we're excited to have you along for the ride.


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how do i enable/view workplace analytics?


it is same as my analytics? or is it the office 365 adoption pack?

Hello Riddhi you can find more information at the article Getting started with Workplace Analytixs. And be aware the first steps arn't technical at all.

Congratulations on this milestone!


We are starting it up as we speak!


Is there an API into the analytics that I could use to combine the office 365 workplace analytics into our Azure based overall Work People Analytics service?




Hi Nathan, Just discovered this community. As you may have noted it wasn't showing here! A couple of questions, if I may:


  • The Office Blog entry clearly states that Workplace Analytics is an add on for all Enterprise plans now. The link still points to information around the early access program.
  • From an initial take it appears that consulting is required for on boarding. Typically Office 365 has been an 'out of the box' experience. So I could purchase the licence from the store. I'd like much more clarification on this via an FAQ please. I understand that advanced scenarios may need assistance but simple OOTB functionality will widen this base of customers particularly for medium-sized businesses.
  • I'd like more clarity now on how My Analytics and Workplace Analytics compare feature wise. For example, group features have been promised for My Analytics but how does this work with the org level view of Workplace Analytics?
  • There is a lot more basic information needed before customers need to dive into a consulting relationship.
  • Finally how does the licensing model work here?

Glad to see this community started and good luck with the product moving forward.


thanks, how do I get license for workplace analytics? i already have office 365 E 5 plan is it included? i dont see the workplace anlaysis license in my tenant admin

What's the target organization size for this? It looks like it's geared towards enterprise or medium/large sized businesses with 1,000+ employees. We're just a little 125 employee non-profit, and while we, too, struggle with understanding and improving our internal communications, the fact that no price is listed makes me think Workplace Analytics is too expensive for us.

Hi Riddhi,
Aside from licensed customers, there currently isn't a way to enable Workplace Analytics due to the nature of the data. You can see Workplace Analytics GM, Ryan Fuller, discuss and demo in a Microsoft Mechanics video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiRb8T4ohFc

EDITED ON 11/13/2018 (addition at bottom of post)


Hi John,


Thanks for pointing our the discrepancy in the blog. The website should be updated to reflect new information now. Please let me know if that's not the case: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/workplace-analytics


While consulting is not required, we do offer the Workplace Analytics FastTrack program to help onboard new customers. This is a free service. OOTB functionality is robust and customers can certainly leverage the power of WpA without added consulting. For customers that want additional support with change management, data interpretation, analysis, etc., we have a team of consultants that focus on a variety of topics (sales productivity, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, manager best practices, etc.).


MyAnalytics and WpA are separate products, though leverage the same data to generate insights. MyAnalytics will continue to serve as a personal productivity tool, while WpA focuses on organization-level insights and change. While separate, they can work together in a symbiotic fashion: Use WpA to diagnose org problems and identify an appropriate change program, use MyAnalytics to drive change at the individual level, then use WpA to measure that change and success of programs. As to your question regarding team/group insights, you can slice and dice the data to a relatively granular level based on organizational attributes (role, function, geography, etc.). Typically we default to aggregated and de-identified data and there are controls available to the customer to modify these configurations. That being said, the customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the right level of privacy for their organization and geography. We do not provide privacy guidance.


Customers must license 5,000 or more seats. Pricing is $6/license/mo, except for the E5 SKU, which is $2/license/month.


Appreciate the feedback. We are in the early stages of establishing an effective ecosystem and will continue to augment it as we move forward.


We will also be at Inspire next week. If you plan to attend, we would love to meet in person to provide a deep dive (this invitation is open to all community members). Our GMs will also be giving a presentation on Tuesday afternoon.


I hope this was helpful. Stay tuned for additional information!




11/13/2018 UPDATE: Any number of Workplace Analytics licenses can be purchased by customers with an Enterprise Agreement. We will continue expanding access to the solution and distribution channels for other customers over time. Workplace Analytics is not yet available for Government and EDU customers.

Hi Stephan,


Unfortunately, customers must license 5,000 or more seats. Pricing is $6/license/mo, except for the E5 SKU, which is $2/license/month. We hope to continue building out our capabilities to address a broader section of the market. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @Riddhi, I apologize for the extremely delayed response! Unfortunately, we don't offer a demo environment for Workplace Analytics at this time. I'd recommend checking out Ryan Fuller's (GM Workplace Analytics & MyAnalytics) demo here to get a better sense of the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiRb8T4ohFc
Hi Riddhi--Unfortunately, Workplace Analytics isn't included in the adoption pack and is currently only available for large organizations. We look forward to expanding our reach over time.

@Nathan Barnett is there a way to spin up a Contoso demo of Workplace Analytics, possibly through the CIE program?

Hi Nathan,
Is Workplace Analytics still available for Enterprise Agreement only?

I have downloaded Microsoft Product Term, April 2020, it still sell from EA only.



Workplace Analytics is a great Executive Tool at this moment (COVID), is perfect for some of my customers. But they don't have EA, we need to sell by CSP

Hi Nathan,

I wanted to know how can we do automated org data uploads to WPA/Viva as we might need to do this daily and uploading a .csv file might be a task in that case.

Hi @Nathan Barnett 


We are wondering how WpA calculates time spent on e-mails? Meetings and calls is of course based on the duration, but how does the tool calculate how much time is spent on emails or chats?