Workplace Analytics - December 2019: Feature updates

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The Workplace Analytics team is excited to announce our feature updates for December 2019. (You can see past blog articles here). This update covers our latest feature, an update to the query-visualization feature:  


Save or auto-save query visualizations  

Last Augustwe introduced the capability to visualize Person query results without having to leave Workplace Analytics. Analysts could create charts, modify them, and examine the new visualizations in real time.  


However, they could not save their work, create and retain new modified versions, or recover changes following a crash. All these things are now possible! 


After you run a query, you can open the Queries > Results > Interactive Data page to visualize the query results. On that page, you can customize your visualizationswhich are saved as charts. (The initial query results are automatically saved in a chart named “Original.”) Changes that you make to customize a visualization include modifications to the chart type, the results of drilling down, and the application of Page settings filters. Here’s how:  


  1. On the Interactive Data page, to save a chart that you have created, select Save as: 



    After you name the chart, it appears as a new item in the Saved charts list to the left of the chart area. 




  2. To save new modifications to an existing chart, select Save: 



Modifications are also saved automatically. For example, if your web browser stops responding while you are modifying a chart, you will not lose your progress. Your changes are auto-saved as you work and are available to you the next time you open the Interactive Data page to see visualizations of this query. 

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