New in MyAnalytics: Insights to improve wellbeing

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It has never been more important than now to focus on your own and your co-workers' wellbeing. As mentioned in this blog post, increased demands placed on our work and personal lives due to remote work are leading to increased after-hours collaboration and longer workdays. To support our users' sense of wellbeing, we are pleased to share the rollout of the following features announced last fall. 


Delay Delivery Inline suggestion in Outlook 


The Delay Delivery inline suggestion schedules email delivery at a time that aligns with working hours of the recipients in their respective time zones. With this feature, you can work according to your schedule without interrupting your co-workers after-hours. 


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With the recent shift to remote work, most of us have had to alter our everyday work schedules. This may result in team members working at flexible times that might not be aligned. However, research shows that these after-hour interruptions can cause stress and anxiety for your co-workers. 


The Delay Delivery inline suggestion is now available for MyAnalytics users with an M365 E5 license and will soon be available to all MyAnalytics users. More information is available on our documentation page


Set Lunch Hours with MyAnalytics Insights Outlook add-in


With the Set Lunch Hours insight, you can easily protect time for lunch every day and personalize your MyAnalytics insights. Once you confirm your lunch hours, MyAnalytics will take this preference into account when recommending focus and meeting times.


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To stay connected with co-workers while working from home, knowledge workers are spending more time in virtual meetings than before. Microsoft Teams recently reported a new daily record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day. Taking a break can help you recharge and refocus for the rest of the workday. However, with workdays full of meetings, it is easy to forget to take a lunch break.


Set Lunch Hours feature is now available for all MyAnalytics users. More information is available on our documentation page.


Plan your time away with MyAnalytics Insights Outlook add-in


Research shows that taking time off from work helps reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. However, it can be difficult to see the benefits if you are worried about getting all your work done before taking time off and equally anxious about catching up on work once you're back.




The Plan your time away checklist can help with the stress of planning for time away from work. Whether you are taking some days off for a stay-cation to rejuvenate or taking some time to take care of loved ones at home, this single tool helps you:

  • Clean up your calendar in advance by easily cancelling, declining or rescheduling meetings
  • Compose your automatic replies and notify your team about your planned time away
  • Schedule focus time to wrap up tasks before you go and catch up on work when you get back

Plan your time away insight is currently rolling out to all MyAnalytics users. More information is available on our documentation page

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