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Hi all,

Some of my users have gotten xml parsing errors when opening some documents. Different files. Different users. However, it is not consistent. One user can open a file and get this error, while others who open that same file do not get the error. Most of the time the error reads like this:


It seems almost silly to try to go through the steps I've seen in Google results if it is only happening to a single user. (I am surprised I didn't get any results when I searched in this group.)


Repairing and/or reinstalling does not resolve. Any help is appreciated. I have some frustrated users and it's not helping O365 adoption :(

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Wait. We may be on to something. The common denominator may be the files are not opening on Win7 machines, but are opening on Win10. We installing an update to a test
Win7 to see if that resolves it.

YES! The issue is resolved with that patch.