Words split at the end of a cell in Microsoft Word table

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Good evening.  When I type a word at the end of a cell in a table inserted in a Word documment, the word spplits instead of moving to the line below.  How can I avoid this?


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@Ale2024 Can you upload a copy of a document with which you ave that issue so that we can investigate it.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP thank you for your reply.  I just attached a portion of the file but you can see words splitted instead moving to the line below/

@Ale2024 I see the issue and have reported it to the Word Product Team.


When double clicking on the our to select the word, the y is included in the selection which indicates that Word recognizes your as a Word, but it incorrectly splits it .




Thank you Doug, I do appreciate your help. When do you think we will have an answer?

@Ale2024 It turns out that the issue results from having the box checked for "Allow latin text to wrap in the middle of a word" under the Asian Typography tab of the Paragraph dialog.  If that is unchecked, the normal word-wrap behaviour will be reinstated.