Word wrapping inside label templates

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Hello! I am creating jar labels in Microsoft Word using Avery label templates.  I have a terrible time importing clip art and other online images into my labels.  In particular, I am unable to use the "Through Text" wrapping feature so that my images can be side-by-side or through the text on my labels.  They insist on being in front of or behind my text and will not respond to text wrapping command to be "Through Text" or "In Line with Text" etc.  Can anyone help??  I have Microsoft Office 365 which is operating Word 2013.

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Labels in Word are Tables.
See http://www.gmayor.com/graphics_on_labels.htm.

BTW, if you are subscribed to Office 365 as a personal or family subscription, you should be running Word 2021. This makes no difference to your question, though.
You are welcome.