Word Web App on Android Tablet | Deleting Text Issue

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Just seeing in anyone else if having the same issues with the Word web app on android tablets.


When in my browser and open the Word web app, I start typing then when I press enter, all the text on the line deletes.

Then if I open an existing document on my onedrive, I add text on a line, and then when I press enter all my text deletes.


I have tried the Word app for Android and the issue doesn't occur (another issue with tables and having to double tap space bar though). 


I have also checked the Word web app on PC/Windows, and there appears no issue so this appears localised to Android browsers (Tried 5 of the main ones now with no luck).


Anyone else experiencing the same issues? 

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@Josh-2023 Hi there 


I have just seen your post and wondered if you managed to resolve this?


I am having exactly the same issue. I just purchased a Samsung S8 Galaxy Tab. I need to use Word Online to write occasional letters.


I open the document, start typing and when I press ‘enter’ the text totally disappears. It doesn’t move down or go on to another page! It’s just gone!!! 

I have used Word Online frequently with no issues in the past via my iPad or laptop. 

For some reason, Word on Android is being a nightmare! I have tried opening it up in different browsers but still had no luck! 


Did you find a work around for this? Would really appreciate your help if so? 

Thanks :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: 


Unfortunately not. Still have to open in the Word android app at this stage.

@Josh-2023 Microsoft is blocking android brownsers so they must buy a computer or use the microsoft word app with less functions.