Word Upgrade has disabled ability to attach files

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The most recent Office upgrade included a few surprises, most of which I have been able to manage. 


However the most persistent problem is that attaching a file to an email message attaches it to the original message not the reply. 


The only way to do it is pop the message out and click attach but the list of recent files is replaced with the regular file navigation process. 


Such a simple and useful piece of functionality can't be impossible to correct can it?  



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@Neville_Smith Are you using the "New" Outlook, or the original Outlook that forms part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and likewise with earlier Office Suites.


The "New" Outlook is merely a re-badged version of Windows Mail and Microsoft have done no one any favours the adding Outlook to its name.  If that is what you are using, I would suggest reverting to the original Outlook.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP - no using 365 - it upgraded but I haven’t selected that yet.

@Neville_Smith I am not sure to what you are referring by "haven't selected that yet"


Microsoft is a bit prone to shoving things down users' throats and you more or less need to opt-out to continue to work in the way to which you are accostomed.