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Hi all,


I was hoping to shed some light on a certain Microsoft Word transcription issue that my uncle has. After speaking with Microsoft Support, they couldn't resolve the issue, instead they directed me here where I'll include all the steps I did towards resolving the issue but to no avail.


He has a Microsoft 365 Family Sub, he's trying to transcribe an .mp4 file online. He's getting the following error message when attempting to do so:


Authentication error. Your recording is being saved and will be uploaded to OneDrive when you try again later.


The steps we took go as follows:


- Switching between browsers

- Going into private mode, especially in Microsoft Edge

- Cleared cookies and all that

- Reinstalled Microsoft Edge

- Disabled blocking of other websites

- Move this file to New Folder > Transcribed Files Folder > Move here

- Verified within Microsoft as Trusted PC

- Disabling browser extensions

- Checking language settings

- Using a different Network

- Using a different file as an example

- Parallels


Microsoft admitted that it was a known issue at some point but said that it has been resolved in 2021. Transcription works fine on other devices.


We thought OneDrive was the culprit so we performed all the necessary steps to exclude it from impacting the issue, even removing it from the device and went through ResetOneDriveApp.command.


I contacted Microsoft Support again and they said that the issue has been escalated but they haven't replied, it's been a month now.


Could anyone make a suggestion towards resolving this issue? It would be greatly appreciated!












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I've had the same issue.

I've used Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome and it works !...