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I have a problem with printing documents in Word. I have an invoice that also contains the company logo and lines. In word everything is fine but after I print the document, the lines and that image are not printed.


I have attached 2 images: 1 from word, 1 after printing.


What happened in particular that I only have this problem since yesterday?


Thank you!

Word Invoice.png


Printed invoice.png


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I have the same problem with some graphics since the last word365 update.

@Razvan95 I have the same problem over a few machines that have updated




I cannot print any images contained in a MS Word document regardless to which printer I send it, and even using Adobe Acrobat. This is happening to all PC's in my office running Windows 10 (4 machines) and the build version of Word is 2604. It does not affect Excel or Outlook.


Clearly there is a serious bug.

Same problem here, we have 20 odd users with the same. A handful of users it doesn't occur with. Its only started today but interestingly Office is setup not to update automatically we are still running Version 2404 Build 16.0.17531.20152 (which is much older than yesterday's update)!

@SimonF345  Strangely we are using 2405 and some work and others dont


@tparkins1890 Microsoft fixed the cause of that problem yesterday so if you restart Word, it should no longer be a problem,

Can you please let me know the build number that the issue is fixed on?
We found the issue on build on Version 2405 (Build17628.20110), but from reverting the office update to each update going backwards, I found that the issue first appeared in Version 2404 (Build 17531.20120).
Thus the build not containing the bug is Version 2404 (Build 17425.20176) and now the latest ( Version 2405 (Build 17628.20164)???)

The bug has been fixed by Microsoft Teams.

Thank you!