Word Online Won't Stop Checking My Grammar and Spelling

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When I write I don't enjoy Word online making my story light up like a pinball machine. Double blue lines, light red highlighting, red squiggles, popup boxes asking if I'd like to see suggestions etc. It's all distracting and disruptive. So I've been trying to disable all that. Later I might be interested, but not now.


I go to Editor > Set Proofing Language > in the language box I click "Don't check spelling or grammar", then OK to close the dialog. All the red squiggles and shading and popups are all still showing in the document. I go back to the language box and that key checkbox is unchecked, as if "OK" didn't save my settings. I close and reopen the document; maybe that will save the setting, but no joy then either. What am i not doing correctly? Is there something in the browser I need to do? Or use a particular browser?


I'd rather be writing my story,


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Before choosing the "Do not check spelling or grammar" option, you have to select all document content.


In Word, "Do not check..." is a text attribute much the same as italic or bold.

@Stefan_Blom That did it, I understand the "text attribute" aspect. I love you, not like my girl, but more like ice cream! Thanks for your reply.



I'm glad I could help. :)