Word online - Tranlslate option not available for all users

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All our users (4000+) have an E5 license of Office365. When we open a Word document stored in a SharePoint site collection (Classic experience standard team site), a few users do have the 'Translate' option when they click on the elipsis icon (3 dots), the majority of them however don't get the Translate option, tested in multiple browsers (MSIE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox on Win10) .

  • If we all have the same E5 license, should the Translate option not be available for all users in Word Online?
  • What setting/parameter  could cause the difference in behaviour?
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Hi@Eric Deferm 


We are also on E5 and have the option to Translate, although we aren't in classic like you are.


If it's missing, maybe try from within the online app (like Word), go to Insert > Office Add-ins and see if Translator is shown under My Add-ins. If it isn't, in the same window, click onto Store, search for Translator and add.


It should now be available from within the Online app under Insert > Office Add-ins.


See if that helps?


In terms of a more technical explanation around what's happening, I'm not versed on it so I can't speak to that. The end-user experience is my specialty.


Best wishes


Hi @Damien Rosario , tx for your quick response. We've checked the availability of the Translator app (Is it the same as I/t screenshot or is there still another one?), even w/t Translator add-in installed (showing up in OWA & Outlook), the Translator option is not present in Word Online when opening documents in read mode (which is the case if you don't have editor rights for that doc). Brgds, Eric

Hi@Eric Deferm 


Ah ok if that's the scenario that's a different thing.


Translator is awesome though, very handy and not bad!


Hope it all works out for you guys.