Word not saving If statement on file

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ive been able to save these files before but now my word wont save IF statement data on my word document. Itll save the mergeform data but if i edit it to be IF statement and save and reopen the file it all gone .... 


left hand side shows the code (which is correct) and thr right side shows what happens after i save the file close it then reopen it .... blank all gone ?? (the first box that says Skillion and lean to) 




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If you press ALT+F9 to toggle on the display of the field codes, does the If...then...Else field construction appear? If not, can you upload a copy of the document so that we can investigate the issue.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Hi Doug, i can do everything in regards to creating the required If statement etc... but once i save and close the file and open it its all gone.


 this is what it looks like when i do alt+f9 the skillion and lean to is the only one ive done cos there is no point atm cos it wont save.... ive not had this issue in the past im making a new identical form as i have in the past but this time is just not working/saving



@AussieBlue The If...then...Else field is still present and if you execute the merge, you will see the expected result.

hi i sent it all to you in PM, it seems to be all correct but when i upload the file to where it needs to be i get error messages instead of a tick and even the other day when trialling it i got a YES instead of a tick, also when i reopen the file in word its all blank no merge codes visible without pressing alt f9
The issue turned out to be an error in the spelling of a mergefield name.