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I am working with a group of users that is collaborating on documents where they use change tracking and comments to assist in their collaboration efforts. We have found that with tracked changes and comments in place they experience lags and locks, sometimes to the point that they are unable to work. 

In the process of editing they are generating a lot of revisions.


What are the alternatives / workarounds / best practices related to change tracking and commenting that might be recommended to mitigate the related overhead?


Does Microsoft have any plans on addressing performance issues related to this feature? As of this time these users are using the most recent update available through the monthly channel, and based on searches online, "reviewing / change tracking" has been a contributing factor to performance issues for quite some time. 

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Hi @TheDrape ,

I see less lockups when coediting in the online editing environment - but that is a lot less powerful than the desktop application.

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@Hans Le Roy 

It seems to work pretty well for us if the document has few or no changes tracked, or comments, or with change tracking off, but that is needed for the types of documents the team I am working with is using.