Word Line Spacing not matching what is set - Inconsistent across platforms.

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For some reason, on Chrome specifically, my text is massively spaced out despite my line spacing being set to just 1.

When using Safari, the issue isn't present. Any ideas as to what setting might be causing this, be it on Google or on Word?


Screenshot 2565-05-16 at 17.23.57.png

Screenshot 2565-05-16 at 17.28.44.png


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In Word, variable line spacing does not give you exact control over the distance between baselines.

Different platforms, different printers and different fonts will produce sligthly different results, unless you make use of fixed line spacing.
Thanks for the response, but this doesn't help at all!
My issue is that regardless of what the line spacing is, the line spacing is massive! I can make it as small or as big as possible with little difference, it is always massive.
It never used to be like this. My google word documents used to look just like how the Safari example does.
This issue is making word virtually unusable as I can barely see half of what I am writing when writing long documents.



Fixed line spacing (called "Exactly" in Word for Windows, at least) should improve the situation. However,  fixed line spacing is not supported for the web-based versions of Word. Therefore, you probably won't be able to get consistent display across versions and platforms.