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I have become a massive fan of Dark Mode in recent months and never want to go back to glare-y white screens with black text. I had NO IDEA how much squinting I had been doing all those years of white backgrounds with black text.


I have a couple of problems with Dark Mode in Microsoft Word, however and could use some help... if there are ways to fix these problems.



Windows 11 Home

Desktop computer less than 1 year old with modest-performance RTX graphics

Intel 10-core i5 processor

32-inch Samsung Monitor with 3840x2160 resolution.


Problem #1... the squiggly red line that appears under misspelled words... it's way too dark in color and intensity/luminance to be able to see easily in Dark Mode. Can I change the color assigned to the squiggly line in Dark Mode to a brighter color of red and perhaps make it 2-pixels wide instead of leaving it as 1-pixel wide? A side note... as I type this message in the MS Word User Forum, the squiggly red line HERE under a misspelled word is much easier to see than the squiggly red line in Word's Dark Mode, which is much dimmer/darker and hard to see against the black background. I would be FINE with the squiggly line in Word, if it was as bright and visible as it is here in this forum (also displaying in Dark Mode with black background and white text). The squiggly line here in this forum is still 1-pixel wide, but easy to see.


Problem #2... during editing, for place-keeping, I will often change the font color once I have what I think is the final version of a paragraph. However, in Dark Mode (black background with white text), when I change the font color to, for example, red, the font on-screen remains white. How do I get the fonts in Word Dark Mode to change color correctly on-screen? These are all temporary font-color changes... once editing is complete, I change back to white text for screen display and black text/white background when anybody opens the document elsewhere. So this is a local viewing-on-the-monitor issue.




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got the exact same problems bro!



You can send feedback directly to the Microsoft developers by using Help > Feedback in Word.