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Hi, my first post.

I have inadvertently added a line above and below every space in word, including a vertical line left and right border as per the uploaded example. I would appreciate any information available to remove it and revert to a blank page, many thanks.

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I do not see any uploaded screenshot.
Might you be talking about Text Boundaries?

Rectangles around every paragraph on the screen that do not print?

Text Boundaries Display in Microsoft Word


Hello and thank you for your response. I did upload the screen shot but for whatever reason it did not happen, I've managed to drag and drop below. This is a part of A4 sheet.


Many thanks


Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 10.45.27.png

That is Text Boundaries.
Take a look at my page. It has the dialogs to turn them off at the bottom.


In the Windows version, you start with File > Options > Advanced.

For the Mac version, see Every paragraph is a separate box.

Hi Charles, yes that did it, and thank you for your time, much appreciated.

Brian B
You are welcome.