Word form add options to selection in a dropdown

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I have been asked to create a form in word where the user can pick between 2-3 paragraphs.

I was going to do this via drop down

However each of the paragraphs also requires the user to input entries

Eg if they select para 1 within that they need to insert a Managers Name and Witness name

If they select para 2 they need to add in reasons for saying no

If they select para 3 they need to put in a description and dates

Is this even possible?
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@Gillian_Cunningham The way that I would do that would be to make use of a UserForm for the following reasons:


  1. With any of the "in-document" form options, the drop-down will remain in the document, which is probably not something that you would want.
  2. With a userform, on making a selection from the drop-down, controls for the other inputs could be shown as applicable for the selection that has been made and when the relevant information has been inserted into those controls, the required paragraph containing that information would appear in the document.

For information on UserForms, see the following pages of Greg Maxey's website :