Word file suddenly erased all the changes I made for a month!

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So it's a file I have been working with since April. Every day I opened that file, wrote and edited many things, then saved everything (Ctrl + s). I did the same over and over again the next days.

But yesterday I opened the file and discovered that all the changes I had made since beginnings of May disappeared. The file is still there, it still functions, but it doesn´t have anything of what I wrote and edited for like 4 weeks.

I already tried searching a duplicated file with the same name, also tried searching in the Recycle bin. I also opened already every other Word file that I have, looking for the work I have been writing for weeks. Not success at all.

Any suggestion? I would appreciate any ideas, thanks.

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Was the file saved to OneDrive, or into a folder that is synchronized with OneDrive? If so, go to OneDrive and locate the file and right click on it and then on Version History and see if an earlier version is more complete.