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I had to create a large word file with many images, more than 8000 images, the file size is around 2 gb, I created this file using python-docx library, before opening the file for the first time I wondered if there was any limit of file size in word, I've found in some discussion that for Word 2013 it is: Maximum size 512MB.


I am working with Microsoft® Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2402 Build 16.0.17328.20124) 64-bit. I was expecting problems while opening my file however, to my surprise I could open it successfully, now, I am wondering what is the actual limit of file size that I can work with, I probably need to keep on pushing more the limits of the file size.

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@VictorE2402 First thing I would do is make a back-up copy of the file.


While you are fortunate to have been able to open a file with a size of 2 GB, many users have not been so lucky at have had to resort to unzipping the document and opening it in an XML editor and then remove some of the images from the Word>Media folder and then re-zip the file and change the extension to .docx so that it can be opened.


Just out of curiosity, how do you plan on making use of the document?


Yes, but it has to do with the text, not the images.

What's the file size limit for Word? - see my answer

Keep backups.

I've never tried a file that big. It is likely to make Word sluggish, I expect.