Word doesn't open a second time

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Bit of an odd one that I've not come across before, but on my fiancees laptop when opening word (or any office application) the first time it works fine, but if you close it and go to open it again then nothing happens. You get the little spinning circle as if it's working on something but then nothing opens, and as far as I can see it's not opened in the background.


It's Microsoft office home and student 2021 version, I've run the latest updates so that can't be it, just wondering if anyone has seen this before and knows how to solve it? 


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Do you see this happening consistently? At any time if you successfully start Word and exit, it won't start again? 



I can't say with complete certainty that it is every time, but consistently enough that it is noticeable and frustrating. The only way I've found to get word to open again is to restart the laptop, then word will open again.



Does Word run normally if you start it in application Safe mode? See https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/office/open-office-apps-in-safe-mode-on-a-windows-pc-dedf944a-5f....



I can't seem to recreate the issue now, which is equal parts frustrating and relieving. My partner has mainly had the issue when using a memory stick, but has left that at work so I can't try it out.


I did open word in safe mode and it worked fine, but like I said before there was no issue this time in reopening/editing/saving several word files.


Sorry if this has wasted your time! 



Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad you are seeing improvements. It would of course be nice to get an explanation, but sometimes there is no (simple) explanation.