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Help! I worked until 2:45 a.m. and all was well. Awakened this morning to find ALL my critical Microsoft Word 365 documents are now in bold face type. Nightmare. This is a book of 300+ pages and more than 200 separate documents and photographs that has been typeset in Adobe Caslon Pro and Helvetica, with a unique style template that I created. I've been working on it for 5 years. Some of the type is individually kerned to special breaks. Some of it is in boldface, some regular face, some semibold, etc., etc. The endnote reference numbers (1,000+ of them) are all individually laid in in a different size type than the test and then each number has been superscripted. Therefore, I cannot do a global replace. It would unbold what is supposed to be in bold. Also, the documents won't automatically create a new template with the same styles needed if I trash the current one. The styles include kerning, leading, identation plus typeface. I am running Mojave 10.14.6 with Word 16.4. HELP. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! 

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Hi@zilch ,

Don't panic!

I can think of two things:

1 - one or more fonts have been damaged

2 - your normal template has been damaged


* Do you know which font you used for the text and the references? Write them down.

* If possible, open your document on an another computer. I guess it will be OK.

* Do Win+R (=run), fonts + OK. You see the fonts installed on your machine. Do they look all right? If not, reinstall the broken fonts

* After that, create another Word document. Do the fonts behave like expected?

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Okay, thanks for the offer of help. After a little more investigation, here's what I know so far.


#1 The fonts run fine in PowerPoint, so this is definitely a Word problem.


#2 I created a unique Style Template (Family.dotx), so removing the old global Normal.dotx  so that the program will automatically create a new Normal.dotx, does nothing. 


#3 For a MacBook Pro running OS 10.14.6, I don't know how to "Win+R (=run), fonts + OK." I think you must be speaking Windows.


#4 Here's what happens when I open any of my Word documents typeset in Adobe Caslon Pro (regular, bold, semibold, semibold italics, bold italics) on my Mac:

I highlight some of the erroneously boldface text, then go to the dropdown Fonts menu. Adobe Caslon Pro is there -- except that I CANNOT UNCHECK THE BOLDFACE choice. Trying that another way, I highlight the text, go to Format > Style and select Modify. In the Modify Style window, under Formatting, I CANNOT CHANGE (UNCHECK) THE BOLDFACE selection.


If I click Format, the Format window opens and once again I CANNOT CHANGE THE BOLDFACE selection. Under Format > Font Substitution, I get a message that says no need to substitute, all fonts are available. 


EVERYONE, PLEASE PITCH IN HERE. MICROSOFT, WHERE IS THE PATCH???? WHERE IS THE WORKAROUND?? It could take me several months to reset the book. 





@Hans Le Roy 

Hi@zilch ,

Yes, I was referring to Windows. I can't help with your Mac, sorry.

Kind regards