Word documents and CHM processor - Help files in software programme

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I hope someone here has some insights into my challenges.


We are using a CHM Processor to prepare and upload MS Word documents into our software as Help files. (A technical guy does that bit for me).


If you hold your tongue just right it often works.  The last batch of files had major problems with images not showing up. There's a line on the screen where a full screenshot should be.  I don't know what's "wrong" with the Word document that makes this happen. Some docs in the uploaded batch are fine.


Any suggestions?







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HI Judy,

Can you upload one of the Word documents, preferrably one that contains some images that are reproduced correctly and some that are not, and providing information on which images are which so that we can investigate the issue.

I did some trouble shooting with a techie and we ready the HTML code in the uploaded files. It turns out the wrapping caused the problems.

We also had problems with tables that had been made through cutting and pasting from numerous documents. So we stripped their formatting and re-formatted them. That worked.
Almost certainly, the images in the document would need to be inserted with the layout set so that they are "In-line with Text".
yep. the internal "Instructions for making the Help Files" now include that! As well as which headings to use, using the document inspector to strip watermarks, footers etc.