Word Doc Saved as .htm Has Distorted Text Inside Text Boxes

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Folks, I've created what is supposed to be a webpage using Word.  When I am viewing in Word (as a webpage) everything looks OK.


But when I view it online in Chrome or Edge, the text in the text boxes is distorted.


I have copied the text in the top text box to show you on the website and in the attached image, and I have outlined the text box.  The text is Calibri (Body) 12 pt, but the same thing happens with Arial.


How do I fix this?  The URL of the offending website is:

This is what the webpage looks like in Chrome and Edge



This is what the webpage looks like in Word.


Solutions very much appreciated.


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@EagleHeart Try using a Table rather than Text Boxes.

Well, a one by one table item worked. Not quite as easy as a text box but a workaround I will use. Thank you.

So... how do I report this bug to Microsoft?


@EagleHeart Via the Help>Feedback facility