Word Copy and Paste Protection

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I have a Word Document that I would like to share.


But I do not want the Document and its contents copied and pasted by anyone.


I would like only for persons to only be able to view the document.


Could someone kindly tell me how I might do this?


Thank you

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Once you give someone access to a document, you have effectively LOST ALL CONTROL OVER IT.
I was unaware of that.

Am I correct to think that the following instructions will not work?

"Open File > Info > Protect Document to view your security options. From the Protect Document menu, select Always Open Read-Only. Now just save the document, close it, then reopen it again.""

Thank you

@Purrington When such a file is opened, the following message will be displayed




and the user has the choice of opening the document as "read-only" or, by clicking on No, the document will be opened in a form that can be edited.


As I said, once you give someone access to a document, you have effectively lost all control over what can be done with it.

Well, forgive me for asking.

Replies yelling at the poor humble inquirer in capital letters and condescending "As I said" replies hardly enhances ones reputation as an MVP regardless of how knowledgeable one may be.

Kindly consider this issue closed if not resolved.

I did not use any capital letters and what is condescending about "As I said"

Seems to me that it needed to be reinforced.
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I did not use any capital letters,,,,,,: "LOST ALL CONTROL OVER IT."

Please do not contact me again. Kindly respect this wish so that it does not need to be "reinforced."

Thank you.



You can make a document more difficult to edit. One way would be to save the document as an edit-protected PDF. As far as I know, Word can't do that, though. 


Of course, any document that you let someone view can be duplicated. They can take a screen shot or they can print and scan the document, and from that time on, there is a copy. It may not be easy to edit a picture, but it can be run trough OCR software and soon enough, there will be a version that can be edited. 

Thank you for your informative and professional reply.