Word constantly crashes while using draw tables function.

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New issue I've run into while running Microsoft Word. Whenever I have a longer table cell that exists on multiple pages, if I attempt to use the draw tables function to manually draw out table lines Microsoft Word just crashes. I've duplicated the issue several times and I believe it may be something to do with the behavior of the cell in response to both it technically being one cell but having a split because of the page break. I've found simply modifying the cell using split cells rather draw tables ignores the bug but was wondering if this was a new issue or an older one.

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Which build and version are you running?

@Stefan_Blom Version 2010 (Build 13328.20292 Click-to-Run)



I couldn't reproduce it in a new, blank document. Can you perhaps upload an example document where you can reproduce the issue? Remove any sensitive content first.


Attached is a document I was able to reproduce the crash. The document is essentially two pages with a table separated by the end of the page. Take the merged cells in the first column, using the draw table function you can draw lines into the merged cell on the first page just fine. But attempt to draw a table line in the second last row for example. This should be on the second page. Word will neither automatically fit your drawing to a table line no matter how accurate you are, and it forces at least my program to crash.



I could reproduce the crashing in that particular document. Here is how to fix it: Select all the content, except for the final paragraph mark, copy and paste the content into a new, blank document. This fixes the corruption.