Word compatibility and conversion to Adobe (File Path saving to header and footer on conversion)

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I am having issues with PDF’s (converted from Word) containing the file path address on the top of the document. I checked Word compatibility (File \ Info) for issues. I also removed the header and footer and reinserted in my Word document, which did not resolve the issue.

In this is the steps from word from word are File > save as PDF



I need to have it not save that info.

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If you are using Word's built-in PDF converter (as opposed to a third-party add-in), there is no reason why the path should be added unless it is also present in the original Word document. 


Note that a Word document may contain multiple headers (and multiple footers) per section. Maybe the path is hiding in the first page, even page, or odd page header (or footer).


To see all headers and footers in a given section, you may have to temporarily add page breaks, so that you see at least three whole pages of the section (and their headers/footers).