Word auto save destination in OneDrive

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I am using 2 computers to complete some work so I can type on one and it appear on the other (I have a good reason I can't be bothered going into for doing this).

I have a desktop using Windows 8 and a Surface Pro using Windows 10. I have linked them both to the same OneDrive account and for most of today working on the same document it has saved to the same place. All of a sudden the desktop turned off auto save and when I try to upload to keep the two versions synced it tries to save to a folder that doesn't exist and refuses to auto save. I've created the folder on the desktop but that won't appear on the tablet even when I hit sync on OneDrive on both computers. Even if it did appear that isn't the destination I want the work saving to.

I can use "Save as..." and choose the right location but that doesn't activate the auto save, so the two versions don't sync. How do I change the destination that OneDrive auto saves to?
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