Word attachments open as a PDF

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Hello... When I open a Word (docx) email attachment from various senders in a particular organization the attachment is converted to a PDF and viewed in Adobe Acrobat (which opens as the default app for PDF files). I open the document by clicking on it as a listed attachment in the email program I use.


However, when I open a Word (docx) email attachment from a sender *outside* of that organization the attachment remains as a Word document and is quickly opened/viewed in Word for reading, editing, etc.


If I receive a Word (docx) email attachment from a sender in that organization but save the document to my desktop and then open it (by clicking on the document) the document will correctly open in Word.


My challenge is in finding/fixing why some Word (docx) email attachments open as they should in Word while others (only) from a particular organization do not although they will open in Word once they are saved. Thoughts? Thank you.

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