Word app (IOS) connects to OneDrive Personal instead of Basic

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I have a free OneDrive account which occurs as OneDrive Basic in my Excel app on my iPad. I see my folders and files there.

However, when I start Word app on my iPad I do not see my files. It took me some time to notice that Word connects to OneDrive Personal and Excel is connected to OneDrive Basic.

I do not have a OneDrive Personal subscription, so I can understand I do not see any files there.

Now: how can I tell the Word app to use my Basic account and not the Personal account for OneDrive? I tried logging out, even tried deleting the app and reinstall, and also the Reset function for Word. Nothing helped, I still connect to OneDrive Personal.

When starting from OneDrive and then launching Word seems to work. Why not when I just start Word?



Any suggestions?

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I am glad I found the explanation myself. It appears that all Office apps only show files which they support. So only .docx files for Word, etc.
Only the OneDrive app shows all files.

I was not aware of this behavior even though I know the Windows apps do the same. But they have a filter option which you can set to *.* so that you can see all files, even when using Word or Excel.

Would be nice if a user is warned that there a more files than just the supported file type.