Word 365 - Randomly unable to browse folders and save docx files

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We have a situation where a group of users will sometimes open Word documents on a 2012R2 file server and edit files, then save and nothing will happen. They also seem to temporarily lose the ability to browse the computer and have to use the "This PC" link when saving to navigate to where they want to save to.



The only workaround is to save as doc or pdf, close Word, reopen the newly saved doc or PDF, then re-save doc as docx (losing some formatting) or copy/paste from PDF. Otherwise closing Word on its own will lose changes. 


They are using Windows 10 - 64 bit - 1708 or 1803, Office 365 (32 or 64 bit) updated to the latest version. 

The other commonality is the files originate on the same server and file share. But I use that same server (another file share though) and no issue.





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As I recall, this is a known issue and should be resolved if your users upgrade to 1803 where new software will correct the problem.


Here's some links to others who were experiencing a similar issue so you know that you are not alone:



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Thanks for the suggestion @Damien Rosario.

Sorry for the delayed response.

We had already upgraded some to 1803 and it still occurs.

Also we don't get a "Document not saved" prompt - nothing happens.




Hi @Braden Kohary


Doesn't sound great. Not sure what is causing your issue as 1803 would have also updated the OneDrive client.


I would suggest that you log a ticket with Microsoft Support and see if they can help to resolve the issue.


It sounds like something that may be beyond our ability to fix here.


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Caused by a hidden add on called Seiko (SII) Smart Label Printer software.


It didn't do much, but affected Word.


Uninstalled the add on parts of the software and the error has gone.