Word 365 - center last line of paragraph

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Using Word with right to left turned on (Hebrew) , I need to center last line of every Paragraph. Using DavkaWriter(software) , there is a feature to turn on last line paragraph to be centered. Is there such a feature in word. I don't want to force each paragraph on its own to center.

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In Word, you could modify the Style so that it contains a center aligned tab stop and then at the beginning of the last line of each paragraph, press CTRL+Tab

That's fine as a manual workaround. What I would like to see is a document feature. Every last line in a paragraph would auto center. This way any changes wouldn't affect this feature.

To try and have that feature added to Word, go to Help>Feedback>I have a suggestion.


In Word . trying to add to 'I have a suggestion'. Where is the editor to reply and add to.