Word 2021 Saves Documents Even If I Say No!

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I often use Word 2021 to temporarily type in information or details I am using in other programs. In other words as a scratch sheet.  I do not save such documents when I am done.  I go to X out and am asked if I want to "Save" the document.  I say no and Word closes.


Then, later when I happen to try and open a Word document, low and behold my "scratch document of information is there and saved.......


This is annoying.  How do I get Word 2021 to stop doing this?  Thanks!

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You could go to File>Options>Save and uncheck the box for "Keep the last AutoRecovered version if I close without saving", but at some time you might regret doing so.



Autorecovered documents should only be presented to you if Word terminated abnormally, that is, if the program crashed. Is that what is happening? In that case, the crashes are the underlying issue and must be fixed.