Word 2021 crashes when you try and use table properties


I'm using Word 2021 on Windows 11 with Language ID="en-gb" (because I'm in the UK). Brand new document. I insert a table. I then right click on the table and select Table->Properties. Word crashes every time. I've repaired and re-installed and it makes no difference. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Has anyone got a solution?

I've included a video below showing it happening.

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I also have this problem, nothing else to add just yet.

@Milkatron it's kind of reassuring that someone else has the problem. I thought I was going mad. It seems such a basic task that shouldn't be crashing Word.

I should also have mentioned that I get the problem even when starting Word in safe mode (hold Ctrl when starting Word).

Also, If I insert a bitmap into a blank document (say a screen grab) and right click and select "Size and Position" I get a "Word has encountered a problem" messagebox. Do you get this too?



Is this Word for Windows? When Word crashes unexpectedly, the first thing to check is the printer driver. Make sure that some printer is explicitly set as the default in Windows. Any printer will do. If you don't have a physical printer that you are using with your computer, make sure that the built-in Microsoft Print to PDF driver is the Windows default (see

Yes, Word 2021 for Windows running on Windows 11. I tried manually setting the default printer (it was originally using "allow Windows to manage my default printer") it did not help. I then changed from my physical printer (HP Officejet Pro 8600) to the Microsoft Print to PDF "printer" but that didn't help either. It's not happening when I try to print, it happens when I attempt to view the Table Properties (either from right click or from menu bar button). The Table Properties dialog box is briefly displayed but then Word crashes and restarts.

I've edited my original post to include a short video showing the problem.

Please note I've edited my original post to include a snippet of video showing the problem.



Word has a history of crashing whenever the program can't communicate properly with a printer. Symptoms aren't necessarily triggered by actually creating a printout. In fact, accessing Page Setup or font settings are common situations when you observe a problem.


In this case, testing with different printer drivers apparently didn't make a difference. 


Personally, I'm running Office 2021 on Windows 10 and I'm not seeing any crashes. The problem could be between Word and Windows 11, I suppose. Have you tried updating the video driver for your system? 


Are the other Office programs working properly? No crashing there?


You can always report the issue to Microsoft, via File > Feedback in Word.

Yes, obviously Outlook crashes in the same way as it uses the "word" to edit email text. Yes, my machine is always up to date, including screen drivers. I've tried reporting the crash multiple times using Feedback but it's not at all clear if they see these, they certainly don't reply to the email I gave.



All right, Word and Outlook crashes, but none of the other programs?


As far as feedback is concerned, Microsoft usually does not send a reply when you make use of the Feedback facility, but they do collect the information.

The other Office apps superficially appear ok but then Word and Outlook appear ok until you insert a table and then try to select table properties.

Interestingly Microsoft did respond to one of my Feedback requests (as I gave my email address). I've sent them the screen capture video attached above to show them what I'm doing and how repeatable the bug is.

I've found another place where office crashes every time. From Outlook Options -> Mail -> Signatures. This always crashes and restarts Outlook 2021 on Windows 11 as soon as I press the "Signatures..." button.

@Milkatronare you using Language ID="en-gb" out of interest? I'm finding other issues with Outlook crashes when I click on the "Signatures..." button in Mail settings. I found this article which suggests this problem happens only if you are using en-gb. I just wondered if our problem with tables is connected to the language being used?

@Stefan_Blomare you using Language ID="en-gb" as I am? It's just that I found this article (link below) that talks about the Outlook signature problem happening only with en-gb. I know it sounds crazy but I'm wondering if the Word Table Properties is also en-gb related?



I'm actually running a US English version. I suppose that the installed language could be the underlying cause for the issues you have encountered.


Or, perhaps more likely, the issue could be Windows 11. Are you running Word 2021 on that operating system only? 

Yes, my machine has been upgraded to Windows 11 and cannot easily be changed back to Windows 10.



So far, I have only upgraded one computer to Windows 11, and I haven't been using it much yet. I'll keep an eye on the behavior in Word in the future.


If this is a wide-spread issue on updated systems, there will be more reports in the forums shortly.

It doesn't feel like a Win10 to 11 thing to me. Windows 11 is such a minimal change from Windows 10 that I struggle to see it'll have such an impact. I'm feel it's somehow connected with the upgrade of Office to 2021. It's a shame the "Uninstall Office Toolkit" doesn't yet do a full 2021 uninstall (it'll only uninstall up to 2019).
Today I tried the Microsoft "Office uninstall support tool" to try and delete everything and start from scratch. Unfortunately the tool only recognises up to Office 2019 (it does not list 2021 **bleep** an uninstall option) but I tried uninstalling "Office 2019" anyway (which did remove Office 2021). Reinstalled Office 2021 afterwards but the problems remain as before.



I have now upgraded my main system to Windows 11 and I am using Office 2021 as before. 


I have not (yet) been able to reproduce the issue. If you see if with a particular file, please share that file as a sample.

Just to add my two-pence worth I also have this problem, as does every deployed instance of Office 2021 in our school.

Steps that produce the crash so far are:
Accessing Table Properties;
Accessing Outlook Signatures;
Changing font colours and click 'More colours'.

Windows 10 Education, Office 2021 (also en-gb).