Word 2019: Print Preview displays multiple pages, adjust zoom to display one page

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After an Office update, when I do a Print Preview it displays two pages.  The current zoom is set at 77%. When I change it to 100% then it displays one page.


When printing a current page, it's confusing when there are two pages on the screen. 


How do I change the default zoom in Print Preview to 100% so that it displays one page only?


Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, you can't change the zoom that Word initially displays in the print preview. [Edit]


Note that if the issue is that you see an extra blank page, have a look at http://wordfaqs.ssbarnhill.com/BlankPage.htm.

@Stefan_Blom I don't think that you are right there.  There is a Zoom Slider in both "Print Preview and  Print" and the "Print Preview Edit" displays.

When I'm in Print Preview, it displays 77%, I change the Zoom Slider to 100% so that I see one page. I would like 100% to be the default for all documents. It doesn't save my choice. I even tried changing normal.dotm but that didn't work.
An Office Update changed the Print Preview from one page to multiple pages.



I realize that my reply was a bit unclear. I didn't mean to suggest that you can't zoom the preview, because you can certainly do that. I have now clarified my previous reply.


I did mean to suggest that you cannot set a preferred zoom for the preview. Perhaps a macro can do that.