Word 2019 for Mac searching in Word document for stray fonts

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I am working on a book length document which is intended to use only two fonts, Calisto MT 11pt and Perpetua 12pt the latter very much less than the former. The pdf from this file when analysed by Adobe Acrobat revealed fonts other than these. I have by checking certain parts of the document found two lines in Cambria, which I changed to Calisto MT. I need to be able to search for the fonts which Adobe identified and correct them. It is almost impossible to do this visually especially with Cambria and Calisto being so alike. I recall being able to do this several years ago for another book in Word 2011 for Mac by using the Advanced Find and Replace. I just can't do it now in Word 2019 for Mac.

I realise that select all, change font etc is possibility but with two fonts both needed it becomes less attractive as I don't wish to disturb pagination as will happen due to global point size changes, I am in very late stages before printing.


I should be most grateful for a simple guide as to how to do it in Find and Replace; I only need Find a Font actually'

Many thanks 


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