Word 2016 "save as pdf" often fails and jams the progam.

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When rather complex files in Word (the latest version in 365) are "saved to pdf", the program often jams completely and has to be "hard restarted". This never happened in the past.


After hours of debugging my 1st idea was that it had to do with the sommation (bulletting) of some topics, when in the list of point somewhere some extra layout is added.


Later it also happened when I introduced a lot of hyperlinks in the file.


My latest idea is that, in the latest version of Word, probably not enough work space (RAM) is allocated to the execution of the "save as pdf" function.

ps: it's not the computer (I7 with 8 GB RAM and SSD work-drive + 1TB HDD)


Anyway, the function is not stable and very annoying. I already lost dozens of hours to by-pass this bug. Any idea how to solve this?

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Hallo Salvatore, I do not understand your question: "Which channel?". I've no idea where you're talking about. Can you explain what you mean?

Sorry for being cryptic. 

I wanted to ask which is the update channel of your Office 2016 C2R.

Office 365 version 1611 (build 7571.2075)