Word 2016: Adding free text to ToC, page numbers suppressed

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Hi guys,


I want to add text to a Word 2016-generated ToC - but with page numbers suppressed and have the text remain after updating the ToC.


In the example in the screenshot, the text "A huge potential" (yellow background) would be the text I want to add (in reality it could be much longer than 3 words) right below "POTENTIAL". Note there is no page number. And, of course, it needs to stay there after the ToC is updated.


How can this be done?


Much obliged!



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You can make use of a TC field for which you suppress the page number. Add the \n switch to the TC field to suppress its page number.


Edit the TOC field code so that includes the \f switch (to add entries created by TC fields).ScreenCap.PNG

Thanks Stefan! I’ll check it.