Word 2010 suddenly displays each page of a document inside a gray area

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I somehow changed the display of pages to be surrounded by large gray areas. Please advise how to restore standard displays. Example of display problem

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Your screen shot is not showing, unfortunately. Note that you should be able to paste your screen shot into a reply here. 


If you are saying that the gray area is large and the document is small, look at the Zoom setting. You can use the Zoom Slider on the bottom right of the Word window. 

Thank you for your timely and courteous reply. Turns out there is nothing wrong; I just got confused. I often use the display side-by-side feature. For some reason (elderly mental fatigue?) I was trying to make the display two pages feature work like dsbs does. Figured it out when I went from my tower to my laptop and pulled up a recent document there.





Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad you got things sorted.