Why isn't ctrl+) shown as keyboard shortcut in Microsoft 365 Word.

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Just by chance I was at the beginning of a sentence in a new doc I had created, I pressed ctrl+) - Control key plus the open paren - and the paragraph shifted down about half a quarter of a line. I find that putting the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and pressing ctrl+) did the same thing for the paragraph.


I can't find this shortcut anywhere. Does anyone know if it is an undocumented shortcut? And, if so, aside from ctrl+z to undo, is there another shortcut to raise the paragraph? Very handy.


Thank you,

Bob R

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Maybe you have found a shortcut that adds some Spacing Before to the text paragraph (for a list of Word for Windows shortcuts, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/keyboard-shortcuts-in-word-95ef89dd-7142-4b50-afb2-f762f6...). 

Believe me I've looked through the list of Word keyboard shortcuts. Still wondering if it is documented?
Thanks for your reply.


That shortcut does nothing on my system (Word for Windows - Office 365). It also shows up as unassigned if I try to add any function to it.

If you try to assign some other function to it, does it show it as assigned?

I would show this as Ctrl+Shift+0.

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2007-2021 (365)


See Create a List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word .

There are different ways to get lists and the lists will show different shortcuts.


Does it do the same if you open Word in safe mode?

Open Office apps in safe mode on a Windows PC - Microsoft Office

This may be a shortcut you created or one that is in an Add-In.



I am baffled now. I don't know how far I want to pursue this anomaly. I just wish I could find the shortcut to bring the cursor down an equal distance.
Thanks for your reply.
Did it work for you, Stefan?



Following up on Charles's idea, you can enter your shortcut in the Customize Keyboard dialog box and find out with which command it is associated. 


Here, Ctrl+) does nothing, but I am not using an American keyboard, so that may be a factor. Some keyboard shortcuts are system-specific or language-specific (or both). 

Thank you Stefan. I will give Charles suggestion a try.
I brought up the Customize Keyboard dialog box and did as instructed. The ctrl+) is shown as ctrl+0 in the dialog box. It is use to open or close up a paragraph.
Solved. Thanks gents!



Thanks for the follow-up. 


Out of curiosity, which type of keyboard are you using? For me, Ctrl+) would mean Ctrl+Shift+9.

It is an Msi Titan Gt77 laptop keyboard. When I typed it in keyboard customization box it produced ctrl+0 not )
Hi Stefan, I think you mean Ctrl+Shift+0. In any case, with different keyboards on my laptop, I see different things. Sometimes it is Ctrl+), other times Ctrl+Shift+0. In any case, the keyboard shortcut is available and works, once saved, regardless of which keyboard I am using.



Hi Charles, on my system it is actually Ctrl+0 (no Shift key involved) for adding/removing 12 points of spacing before. This is the default on my Swedish keyboard. :)





The question is why the Ctrl+) shortcut does not show up on Bobby's system. I doubt either of us can answer that question without access to the computer and keyboard involved (not possible nor recommended). We have addressed how to get a shortcut that will do what he wants.





I have the same Ctrl+0 shortcut listed in my English-US system.



It does not seem to do anything here including in safe mode, but I use styles for my paragraph formatting. Otherwise I use the paragraph formatting dialog in rare instances for this.


A command to increase the spacing would be one of the Open commands.



My recommendation, though, would be to have a Style with the appropriate spacing and apply the shortcut to that.

Thank you Stefan. I think that's just what I will do.