Wholesale corruption of Word files following a pass by AVG TuneUp Premium for Mac

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This morning, following an apparently routine "de-cluttering" of my Mac by the AVG TuneUp program, I found that ALL of my Word files that had not been saved to OneDrive were corrupted from a simple .docx extension to this:


/Users/<MY NAME>/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail Downloads/1BC6A99F-AAC9-43A9-B32B-0F609DD756ED/Philodendron pollination.docx


When trying to access any of the files, I get the following message: "Can't open (X file) - This document is either deleted or not currently accessible."


I have attempted all of the usual file recovery options available on Word and no joy. Tried a commercial file rescue program (Recoverit) and found it useless. I have a lot of lost work here that was not backed up because I disconnected my external hard drive while traveling.


Any suggestions as to whether file recovery is possible?


Thanks in advance.

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