Where is the missing Programmer?

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Hey everyone,


I would like to report one programmer as missing. Last time I saw him on 7 March 2020, he looked something like this:


Programmer iconProgrammer icon


If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please let me know. His last known address was Microsoft Word > Insert > Icons.







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Your programmer friend does appear to have been removed. I was able to combine two other icons, one from the People category and one from the Interface category, to create this version:



I set the text wrapping of the People icon to "Behind Text", and that of the Interface icon to "In Front of Text". That let me overlap them. Then I selected both with Ctrl+click, and used the Group button on the Graphics Format ribbon to combine them into one icon. You can leave the group as a floating icon or change it to "In Line with Text", and save it as a building block.

@Jay Freedman

Sorry for the 3 month delay. During all this time, I have been looking for my programmer friend (Hoss). I hope you will understand.


The guy in that picture is not my programmer friend. Also, that doesn't seem to be a laptop? He appears to be wearing swim shorts with the ties casually hanging loose. Or is he wearing them sideways and that's a side pocket? Either way I look at it, that's not him. But thank you for helping me in my search!


Meanwhile, I have found his younger brother (Joe).


Programmer's younger brother JoeProgrammer's younger brother Joe


So all hope is not lost.